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Environmental Restoration and Protection

of the Matagorda Bay and San Antonio Bay systems.

Research. Protect. Restore.


Project Summaries

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We Want to Invest in the Future

The mission of the Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust is to support and fund environmental mitigation projects, studies, and initiatives in the Matagorda Bay and San Antonio Bay ecosystems and other purposes allowed under the Consent Decree.

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Experience the Outdoors

Environmental issues directly affect our daily lives as well as our economic livelihood. Nowhere is this more true than on Matagorda and San Antonio Bays on the Texas coast.

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Statement from the Trustee

The Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust has a unique mission and purpose: To support valuable environmental restoration and research for the Matagorda and San Antonio Bay systems as well as other purposes allowed under the Consent Decree (CA No. 6:17-CV-47). The Trust looks forward to working with the recipients of this funding to accomplish these important environmental projects.

Steven J. Raabe, P.E.